There have been cases where content submissions have failed the signing criteria due to using a UID that belongs to a different publisher. This generally occurs when a publisher employs a third-party developer to create the application and the Nokia Publisher Support team is unaware of the affiliation between the two parties. As a result, the developer requests for UIDs, uploads the application under the parent company and is subsequently failed by the operations team for “using another publisher’s UID”.

We resort to these measures to ensure that the security of your company’s information is not compromised.

To prevent such issues from arising, please ensure that the email you use to request your UIDs and the company name provided matches the information in the Ovi Publish account you plan to upload the application under. Conversely, you may also add the developer as a user under your company to prevent delays to the publishing process.

On how to add an administrative user to your company, please see page 14 of the Publisher Guide: