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    Exclamation Device restart issue

    I have developed an action game in j2me. The game is working fine on all major S60 and S40 240x320 devices except N95, N73 and E51. On these devices when the game is played on a particular point the device restarts. The game is working fine on all 40 series devices like 2700.

    I fail to understand that if he game is working on 40 series devices what can be the issue with S60 symbian devices.

    Can anyone help me with this, that is there any particular issue with the S60 symbian devices that i can check???

    An urgent reply will be appreciated.


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    Re: Device restart issue

    Have you verified that there are no API-level, run-time level or hardware-level differences according to this FAQ (Q: Will my Java ME application run unmodified across all platforms?)


    You can see the Changes between releases for a given API in Java Developer's Library
    Select Implementation Notes> [the API/APIs used in your program] >Changes between releases

    You could also perform the Available System Properties check on the devices where you experience the re-starts according to this link:

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    Re: Device restart issue

    There are implementation level differences even between S60 devices from different platform versions
    N95 & E51 are S60 3rd Edition FP1 devices. N73 is even older: S60 3rd Edition device.
    Which are the other S60 devices you have tested on and run the app successfully? Is there a specific point of code which causes the crash? Check also the known issues documentation http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu...Portal:KB_Java


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    Re: Device restart issue

    On these devices when the game is played on a particular point the device restarts.
    What is this particular point ? Is it while loading stuff ? Are you using different graphical resources by any change, also for spporting the bigger screen and thus using bigger images for your game ? Are you using any System.gc() calls ? Those can cause some trouble on S60 devices (particularly slow them down)...
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