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    Thumbs up Error in Http post method

    I have tried to post two values using HTTP POST. I got following errors...

    1) Multiple markers at this line
    - 'RHTTPSession::OpenTransactionL(const TUriC8 &, MHTTPTransactionCallback &, RStringF)' (non-static)
    - function call '[RHTTPSession].OpenTransactionL({lval} TUriParser8, {lval} CTestAppUi, {lval} RStringF)' does
    not match
    2) Multiple markers at this line
    - illegal implicit conversion from
    'CTestAppUi *' to- 'MHTTPDataSupplier *'


      void CTestAppUi::IssueHTTPPostL(const TDesC8& aUri,const TDesC8& aContentType,const TDesC8& aBody)
    	     TUriParser8 uri;
    		 RStringF method=iSession.StringPool().StringF(HTTP::EGET, RHTTPSession::GetTable());
    		 iTransaction = iSession.OpenTransactionL(uri, *this, method);// Error 1
    		 _LIT8(KUserAgent, "SimpleClient 1.0");
    		 _LIT8(KAccept, "*/*");
    		 _LIT8(EContentType, "text/plain");
    		 RHTTPHeaders hdr = iTransaction.Request().GetHeaderCollection();
    		 SetHeaderL(hdr, HTTP::EUserAgent, KUserAgent);
    		 SetHeaderL(hdr, HTTP::EAccept, KAccept);
    		 SetHeaderL(hdr, HTTP::EContentType, aContentType);
    // Set content-type field of the header
    // Set this class as an data supplier. Inherited MHTTPDataSupplier
    // methods are called when framework needs to access body data.
     MHTTPDataSupplier* dataSupplier = this;  //Error 2...i tried to implement MHTTPDataSupplier for TestAppUi class..but that also not working
    please help me resolve this issues....

    Also In this method where can i put my data(like username and password) to post....

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    Re: Error in Http post method

    You are passing wrong parameters to openTransactionsL(). The declaration of this function is:

    IMPORT_C RHTTPTransaction OpenTransactionL(const TUriC8& aURI, 
    									  MHTTPTransactionCallback& aCallback, 
    									  RStringF aMethod = RStringF());
    so, rather than passing your AppUi's object as second parameter, you should pass an object of MHTTPTransactionCallback class. So, derive your own class (in which you are defining all the HTTP related funstions i.e. HttpEngine class) by MHTTPTransactionCallback class. Make the object of HttpEngine (your class) and pass it in OpenTransactionL().

    Also, for its first parameter, do it like
    TUriParser8 uri;
    // where aUri is = const TDesC8& aUri

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