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    Ways to edit video frames during record process


    I saw few threads where people asked about change or edit video image during record process and answer was: no, you cannot. However I looked to CMMFDevVideoRecord class and example of using it in DevvideoEx project.

    Looks like you can use method SetSourceMemoryL and pass custom frames to HW video encoder. I did not research it much, but I noticed that SetSourceMemoryL does not return error if you are using H.264.

    Is it possible for example to use CCamera::StartVideoCapture() and MCameraObserver::FrameBufferReady() to pass frames to CMMFDevVideoRecord and encode them?

    May be there is other way to process video frames and encode?

    My aim is to write an text info on video frames while recording.

    Thank you very much! I am very appreciate your help!

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    Re: Ways to edit video frames during record process

    In principle you can do this but the performance will be severely limited. On most devices CCamera::PrepareVideoCaptureL() does not allow you to select full size video frames anyway so you have to live with smaller resolution.

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    Re: Ways to edit video frames during record process

    Thank you! I was thinking about this also. It seems that plugin (video post processor) with bitmap as source is missing here. I already implemented subtitles in the application.
    BTW - I am a developer of SymDVR. I need feature I asked for in this thread for this application.

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