I have a widget with a calendar. To be compatible with every language in this world, I inserted this function to get the name of the week day:

It works on S^3 and I get the name of the day. Since I installed Anna it doesnt' work anymore.

If I print out date.toLocaleString() I get the english formatted text: "Thu Aug 25 16:44:53 2011"
If I print out date.toString() I get also the english formatted text: "Thu Aug 25 2011 16:44:53 GMT +0200 (WILDABBR)
If I print out date.toLocaleDateString() I get this string: "08/25/2011".

No chance to get the italian language (phone language is italian).

Is it a Symbian^Anna bug? Or is there a way to get the string in the local format? I can write an array with 7 items for each language on the world. But this line was definitively more easy

Thanks, Tiger54