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    Since Anna: Date.toLocalString() is not anymore local

    I have a widget with a calendar. To be compatible with every language in this world, I inserted this function to get the name of the week day:

    It works on S^3 and I get the name of the day. Since I installed Anna it doesnt' work anymore.

    If I print out date.toLocaleString() I get the english formatted text: "Thu Aug 25 16:44:53 2011"
    If I print out date.toString() I get also the english formatted text: "Thu Aug 25 2011 16:44:53 GMT +0200 (WILDABBR)
    If I print out date.toLocaleDateString() I get this string: "08/25/2011".

    No chance to get the italian language (phone language is italian).

    Is it a Symbian^Anna bug? Or is there a way to get the string in the local format? I can write an array with 7 items for each language on the world. But this line was definitively more easy

    Thanks, Tiger54
    I discovered Qt in the summer 2010, it was sooo easy and nice to use, that I begun to write some apps.
    Thank you Nokia, for giving me this possibility!

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    Re: Since Anna: Date.toLocalString() is not anymore local


    This must be yet another undocumented change from Browser 7.2 to 7.3. Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention.
    I'll take this forward to RnD team.


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    Re: Since Anna: Date.toLocalString() is not anymore local

    You might be interested in a workaround I've used in my widget. You still get a localized date string by reading the StartTime property of a calendar entry. So in order to translate all weekdays to local language, create 7 temporary calendar entries on specific dates which have the desired weekday and extract the weekdays from the StartTime string. After that you can delete the temporary created calendar entries. This needs to be done only once (at least as long as the system language is not changed). The same technique can also be used to localize months. For an optimal solution, you can first check if toLocaleDateString() does return a properly localized string, and if not fall back to the workaround. This works nicely for both Anna and S^3 devices.

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