Today I got this mail from a ovi id donotreply@ovi.com. Here is the mail

According to our records, the signing certificate for some of your content file/s
have already expired or are due to expire within 7 days.
Once expired, the content will no longer be available in Ovi Store. To keep the
content in the store - edit the affected files and request Nokia signing or upload a
new signed file. Please remember to submit all edited files to QA.
List of affected files:

<a href='http://bigmamemon.dmz/download_items/******'>**********</a> -
expired. No longer available in Ovi Store
<a href='http://bigmamemon.dmz/download_items/*******'>***********</a> -
expired. No longer available in Ovi Store

Best Regards,

Ovi Support Team

Should you have any questions, please contact us through the Support page at
https://publish.ovi.com/help/content_providers or email us at


Ovi Store Publisher Support
I have removed my application names from the above mail for privacy. I logged in to ovi publish and checked the expiration date of all my items and found that nothing is getting expired till 2016. Also one strange thing to be noted in this mail is that an website "http://bigmamemon.dmz/" has been quoted which in no way is related to ovi or nokia and the website is not even loading. But they have specified my application names in the mail correctly and also the mail is from donotreply@ovi.com. Has anyone else got this mail, should I do anything about my application getting expired or is someone spamming from ovi mail id. Please help me in this regard. Thanks in advance.