There is a problem with the platformservices and Anna... I hope my english is good enough that you can understand my problem... And I am sure at 99% that the error is not in my code. The biggest problem is that I am not able to create any homescreen widget now.

I had a code, and it works on the old Symbian^3:
function result(iterator)
    var entrydata;
    var count;
    while(entrydata = iterator.next()) {
    alert(count + " entries found with matching criteria");

try {
    so = nokia.device.load("calendar");

    var matchpattern = {type:"Meeting"};

    var transactionId = so.getList(result, matchpattern, errorCB);
    alert("Transaction ID: " + transactionId);
catch(e) {
Now, in the iterator function the javascript crash and will exit without continue. So I inserted a try-catch block and I got this message:
TypeError: Result of expression '_36c.close' [undefined] is not a function.

In the platformservices.js, line 6350 we have this code:
function __sp_calendar_iterator_get_next(){
var _36c=this.iter.getNext();
if(typeof _36c=="undefined"){
return null;
var _36d=new __sp_device_calendar_entry(_36c);
return _36d;
How is it possible that close worked fine on the old Symbian and not now?

Maybe there is a problem in this file?

If I read this page, I think there could be an error on this script, right?

But there is no new file... because the last script is from march 2010:

Hope you can solve soon this problem. Because I am not able to write any widget using this service on the moment.

Thanks. Tiger54