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    Nokia 7650 Dial-Up vs. GPRS


    I have a MIDlet which uses HTTP connections.

    When I choose to connect using a dial-up connection (Gateway IP address my MIDlet can connect and works as expected.

    When I choose to connect using a GPRS connection (O2 Ireland, Gateway IP address my MIDlet cannot establish a connection. If I try leaving my services providers Gateway IP address I get the following error

    App.closed Jed-8a-connecionsEventServer@1..Kern-Exec 3. .

    My device has firmware

    V 3.16, 15-08-02, NHL-2NA

    Has anyone seen similar problems and know of any solutions?

    best regards
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    this is kinda common for that device.

    you will have to do a firmware update (version 4.46 is current)

    version 3.16 makes a connection when you close the midlet (sometimes).

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