Hi All,

I am using multiple DIVs to place content in multiple screen. From Home screen user can navigate multiple choices, list. Like as given in Moderator example. But the problem is i am not able to align each div, each div for screen, at top of screen.

For example
<div id="scr1" class="right">Screen1</div>
<div id="scr2" class="right">Screen2</div>
<div id="scr3" class="right">Screen3</div>

I want to navigate between these screens (1-3). and content for each screen is dynamic.

I am able to done the flow but screen content placement is somehow not coming properly. As given in Moderator example i tried using margin-top and tried to set all screens if clicked in ordered way (1 then 2 then back then 3 then back etc) but if i change flow (or user clicks) to anything else placement of all screens are coming wrong .. sometime at bottom sometime at half of the screen even sometime out of the scree.

Kindly help. I tried so many ways but not able to solve