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    Setting up Symbian for qt

    hi everyone,I have downlaoded QT SDK 1.1.2 and qt mobility from the following link:

    The document Qt for the Symbian platform Requirements ( http://doc.qt.nokia.com/stable/requi...s-symbian.html ) says that I have to install all the mentioned software for this,

    I want to use qt mobility messaging API .
    kindly tell me which other libraries or software I have to install..??Thank you

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    Re: Setting up Symbian for qt



    this link has all the information.

    install carbide,perl, symbian sdk latest( openc) comes along with it these days.

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    Re: Setting up Symbian for qt

    thanks for reply,,
    I have install Carbide v 3.2 , Activeperl 5.12.4 and s60 edition 5
    but i don't get the next paths n locations specified in ur mentioned page?

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