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    Forum Nokia Discussion board up & running again :)


    thanks god the Forum Nokia Discussion Board is up & running again . It would have been worthwhile for Nokia to send out a mail/newsletter to all Nokia developers to announce this ... and hopefully it keeps running ...

    For the Nokia image / brand this has not done much good for me. I only know of one other company / major brand (=Sony) who has been running a developer forum for years and had to take it off the air. Hopefully this never happens again. Not any self respecting brand can afford himself such a disaster (though Dutch government now is well on his way to also get into such a disaster after the private PKI certificates seems to be stolen ...).

    Nonetheless, congratulations to have this up and running again!


    Rene Heuven
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    Re: Forum Nokia Discussion board up & running again :)

    Finally DiBo is again running.
    Nokia Developer Wiki Moderation team
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