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    CODA doesn't provide application output

    I'm getting used to the new qt SDK 1.1.3. I'm quite satisfied but one thing bothers me. With the old SDK I was able to see the application output while it was running on the device thanks to the on-device debugging. I guess the problem is with CODA debug agent which doesn't provide the application output.

    Am I doing something wrong? I'm developing in Windows and testing on N8 and X7.

    edit: I have posted this in a wrong place and the system won't allow me to delete the post, so please move it to Qt for Symbian or delete it. Sorry.
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    Re: CODA doesn't provide application output


    ...or better yet, actually run in Debug mode, not run.

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    Re: CODA doesn't provide application output

    Yes, the older version helped. Thank you very much.

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