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    Exclamation COMPLETED - Service break due to platform upgrade - September 7th, 2011

    Dear Developer,

    The maintenance work described below has been completed and the web app platform is again running in normal state.

    Petro Soininen
    Nokia Developer - Technical Services


    Dear developer,

    We are in the midst of deploying a Series 40 web app platform update to our servers.
    Maintenance work started on September 7th and will be completed asap.

    During the maintenance period, Series 40 web app simulation and device deployment may be in an inconsistent state and you may encounter HTTP 4xx or 5xx errors. Apps already published to Nokia Store should remain unaffected by this maintenance work.

    A typical error text when deploying an app to a device is along the lines of:

    Error occurred
    Unable to complete operation
    Corrupted Application
    WebApp cannot be displayed
    Error Code (6307)
    Contact customer support for help

    We will update this discussion board thread as soon as the maintenance work has been completed.

    Petro Soininen
    Nokia Developer - Technical Services
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