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    Question Urgent - Audio Streaming & downloading simultaneously

    Hello Everyone,
    I am developing a J2ME app in which users are listening songs (http audio streaming)..My code is working fine for streaming, I provide input stream to player, now i want to add one more feature in application. "While user listens songs via streaming at the same time that song should be downloaded on SD card. Can anybody knows how to achieve this. Code snippets are even more helpful.

    Thanks in Advance..

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    Re: Urgent - Audio Streaming & downloading simultaneously

    Hi Vishal,
    CAn you share the code so that more calrification can be shared with you.


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    Re: Urgent - Audio Streaming & downloading simultaneously

    Think you should implement some kind of progressive download...
    There is no built-in library for that, also there is no way to actually retrieve the already downloaded data (buffer) from the MediaPlayer to be saved.. So if you want to do both things at the same time im afraid you will be downloading the whole file twice (ur own download and save AND having streamed it once)...
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