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    Unzip file from flash lite 2.1

    Hi every one,
    I'm building Flash Lite app which have many files, because of that it installs take up to 30 min. If I combine data files into 1 or 2 zip files then install process is much quicker. Is there any way to do unzip from flash lite. I know that kunery can but they don't sell any commercial package any more. Is there any other third party solution for that? Or is there any way to unzip it after install calling somehow unzip from sis file?


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    Re: Unzip file from flash lite 2.1

    Hi jereMx,
    Welcome to Nokia Developer Flash Lite Dibo! Here are few points to notice:
    1- Try to decrease the number of swf files by joining them if possible.
    2- Zip and Unzipping is not possible via Flash Lite as you know and unfortunately, i dont think there exist any tool other than Kuneri that can do it for you without coding but again, Kuneri dont sell any commercial version.
    3- If you like to jump into Symbian C++, then you can do it by either developing a standalone console application that accept path of the zip file as argument and unzip the file for you or by creating an extension for API Bridge to unzip files.

    Best Regards,

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