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    Issues while migration of code from 6131 to C7

    Hi all,

    I have developed a code that works on 6131 nfc sdk and am trying to make the same work for C7(Symbian^3).I get the following errors::-

    --error: package com.nokia.nfc.nxp.mfstd does not exist
    import com.nokia.nfc.nxp.mfstd.MFBlock;
    --error: package com.nokia.nfc.nxp.mfstd does not exist
    import com.nokia.nfc.nxp.mfstd.MFStandardConnection;

    so i tried including nfc.zip from 6131 nfc sdk..above errors were gone but while compiling i got a preverification error.its below::-

    Error preverifying class com.nokia.phone.sdk.concept.event.ContactlessEventHandler
    java/lang/NoClassDefFoundError: com/nokia/phone/sdk/concept/event/EventHandler
    C:\Documents and Settings\366875\Desktop\eCheckInApp\nbproject\build-impl.xml:470: Preverification failed with error code 1.

    Dont know wat to do..Need help/...!!!!!

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    Re: Issues while migration of code from 6131 to C7

    Does the same jar file works with C7?

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    Re: Issues while migration of code from 6131 to C7

    Hello bhargavmamtora,

    the Symbian SDK^3 includes the required JSR-257 Extensions library which contains the API for Mifare standard tags. Have you checked whether it works as expected by building the application with the Symbian SDK?

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