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    Facebook Login Issue

    Though this article doesn't not belong to this category, but I have posted thinking that may be someone might have faced the same issue and can put some light on this.

    I have created a facebook app for Nokia using QML. The app was running fine till day before yesterday, but from yesterday I am not able to loggin to the app.
    When I start the app I get the login screen with the username and password. when I put the user name and the password it doesn't come up the permission page, but gives me some error message
    "This page contains the following errors
    error on line 3 at column 417: Expected '#' or '[a-z A-Z]' but got '&'
    Below is a rendering of the page up the the first error"

    I am using the url "https://graph.facebook.com/oauth/access_token?client_id=YOUR_APP_ID&redirect_uri=YOUR_URL&client_secret=YOUR_APP_SECRET&code=THE_CODE_FROM_ABOVE"

    Please let me know if anyone facing the same issue.

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    Re: Facebook Login Issue

    check whether the permissions are correct in your facebook applications page.

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    Re: Facebook Login Issue

    It would be more useful to see your code and the message you actually get.
    The code u are using expects a string which contains letters (a z), but it gets a '&'.

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    Re: Facebook Login Issue

    I also have the same issue. There is a workaround here which works for me: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7...acebook-mobile.
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