We're planning to develop a database driven website that allows customers to manage their online data via mobile systems - if this sounds vague, it's because we've never done this before and it's up to me to work out exactly how to do this }

data will need to be entered and managed on a daily basis, (although not always whilst on the move,) so the mobile element is really an add-on. But it's important data so the mobile method we use has to be right.

Initially I thought about SMS but there are too many fields/too much data to realistically handle that way. WAP/WML will be a lot cheaper + easier to develop (no gateway?) as it's serving in the normal server fashion - but how clumsy is WAP?

We use web technology (scripting) rather than high level programming so would like an XML type solution rather than something like Java. Ideally it will be able to connect to a WebDNA database.... but I won't hold my breath.

Any starting point suggestions welcomed.