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    Cool problem in the mobile device's time

    Hi, I have developed a program which has a Canvas page and the page has 7 days of a week and each day has a radioButton near it, and if user clicks on one of the radioButtons the user can do some thing in the app for that day, I want that after the mid night, the app should understand automatically the time and the app should change the marked radioButton into the next day! I appreciate if anyone could answer my question.

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    Re: problem in the mobile device's time

    Hello elenora,

    could you elaborate more about this use case please?:

    -Based on the description, I reckon that if you select a specific event for a specific day on a specific time, then that means that that selection is for that specific selection only, correct?

    -For the use case, have you considered using the classes of java.util.TimeZone, java.util.Calendar and java.util.Date with their related methods for the purpose? Those can be used for acquiring the time on the devices with Java ME support (i.e. as configured via the settings of the device to display the time) and setting the calendar date and time.

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