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Thread: S40 QA Failing

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    S40 QA Failing

    Hi guys,

    Hope you can help.
    My S40 app is failing QA for this reason.

    "The application doesn't use the display area to its full extent on C3-00 device.
    CORRECTIVE ACTIONS: Please visit http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu...en_orientation for information on how to correct the issue."

    The problem is that I have fully tested this on both a C3-00 and X2 and it fits the screen perfectly.
    Are the QA guys actually manually testing or are they just using a simulator? Maybe they should hit reload or something,because its working find on both of my test devices.

    Any help would be great.


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    Re: S40 QA Failing


    I wish I had better answer for you, but really the only option is to contact publishtoovi.support@nokia.com.

    I can run it on my C3-00 if you wish. Just send the short URL to me (PM is ok).


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    Re: S40 QA Failing

    In connection with this issue, has anyone else noticed that the Simulator reports a portrait device (240x320) when it gets executed and the last device used was a landscape device (320x240)?

    To replicate the issue:
    1. Preview your web app and let the simulator load
    2. Make sure the device is a non-touch landscape device
    3. Close the simulator completely
    4. Preview your web app again

    You can use the screen.width Javascript to get the size and insert that into an element in your web app. Pressing Reload in the simulator resolves the issue.


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