To those involved in Ovi Publishing and Signing Java Apps;

I have just recently gone through the QA process and have reached the point where the app is published on Ovi Store.

Though, when installing the app from the store (on a Nokia E7 in this case), the user is not asked for the appropriate permissions.
In my specific case, GPS is needed, is asked for and works as expected.
Though, the app should ask for a network permission each and every session, to go to either online, or offline mode. In my case, there is no prompt for network permission at all, resulting in the app going into offline mode in each and every case.

At first, when the app was published, I contacted publisher support by sending them an email, and shortly after, I removed the app from Ovi Store by pressing the Unpublish button, since it would not make sense to offer people an app that will not function correctly.

After I sent the email to publisher support, I resubmitted the application for QA, assuming my message would have been received and read and eventually processed by the time it would get republished.

About a day thereafter I did get an answer from publisher support, stating my message would be forwarded and investigated.

Which brings us to today, where I just got an email from QA, stating the app will appear on Ovi Store again, though - The issue has not been resolved yet.
Having the app re-published shortly after the reply from support causes me some confusion.

From this point on, I'd like to know what my options are;
- Should I unpublish the app again? (Since it does not work properly)
- Should I send another request to publisher support? (Although I have an outstanding ticket)

And last but definately not least; Is there some way I could speak to someone in a more direct-fashion than emailing - since it seems to take a couple of business days each time to exchange only the most basic forms of information. This would be a great ammendment to support, and solve my frustration for the moment.

Thank you for reading,

Awaiting any reply,