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Have the same issue too... Estimated revenue was bigger, but invoice much smaller.
Is anyone got any explanation from the support team?

I had responded to this earlier in the same thread. I'll paste my answer here:

It is quite common to see your actual revenue get smaller overtime as the amount owed for the operator billing portion is accumulated while your few payment allows enough time for operator payments to be received by Nokia. If the time between the publication date and your first payment is relatively large (3-4 months), your first payment you receive should generally be closer to the estimated revenue in comparison to the subsequent months.

That said, the credit card portion should always be accounted for and you should receive all credit card payments in full in the following payout cycle, once again keeping in mind the 100 € threshold.

Please contact the Nokia Publish Support team and we can evaluate your case further. Let me know if you have any further questions on this.