I have apps on iPhone, Android, and WebOS platforms but I am new to the feature phone world and all of the many different devices that apps much play nice with. I am porting my first app over to j2me as a test case, as it is a relatively simple app. I do have a couple of questions about publishing on the OVI store, however.
First, my app will support QVGA in both orientations, although to keep file size down, it may be two separate jars. From what I've read in all the docs, this is acceptable. It seems like you label which device family each jar works with. When submitting, is there information on which resolution and orientation each family uses, or will I have to look up every nokia phone that uses qvga in landscape and portrait orientations?
My second question is regarding the required About and Help screens. According to one of the Nokia documents I read, these screens can be combined into the Help screen. In that case, and apologies if this is a stupid question, do I just label the command "Help" or does it need to be "About/Help"? Further, I've seen the requirements for the about screen, but not for the help screen. Is a simple URL to my support page and customer support email sufficient for that screen?
Finally, I should be finished up with the portrait version of the app within a day or so. Is it acceptable to submit that when it is finished, and then come back and submit the ones for 320x240 devices, or do I need to submit all jars for a given app at the same time? One of the documents kind of implied that multiple jars are tested at the same time.