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    DST Calculation in FlashLite 4


    I have been working on a Clock Application in FlashLite 4 and need some inputs. Rather I already have published a WorldClock app on OVI Store for Symbian ^3 devices but now need to add DST support.

    Suppose a city has X TimezoneOffset normally, if during the DST the clock is advanced by Y, then what is returned by Date.getTimezoneOffset(); in FlashLite 4. Does it always return the standard X TimezoneOffset or does it modify the TimezoneOffset based on clock advancement?

    I understand that Flash/FlashLite player do not automatically support DST calculation and has to settle on some alternatives so any suggestions are welcome.


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    Re: DST Calculation in FlashLite 4

    for local time guess the time returned by flash has the DST from the phone

    for other locations you can google the conditions and implement them in the app (you probably have to implement some function firstSundayOfSomeMonth or lastSundayOfSomeMonth...)

    or just read them online with some crawler(which you have to make it) from here http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/

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