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    QtCreator with maemo5 project


    I can't seem to figure out how to open my (existing) maemo5 project.

    I found this web page that shows a maemo5 target, but I only get 'Desktop', 'Qt Simulator' and 'Harmattan'.

    I figured I had to install the target, but when I check the updater, it seems to indicate that it is installed...well, the only relevant component is one named 'Maemo Toolchain'.

    Any ideas?

    QtSDK_v1.1.3 - QtCreator 2.3.0
    Ubuntu 11.04

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    Re: QtCreator with maemo5 project

    Hi Max,
    The Maemo Toolchain is actually what you need to build a Qt application for Maemo with Madde/Qt SDK.
    If you have it in theory you should be able to build your maemo5 projects and the Maemo5 target should be listed when you open the project.

    BTW If you want to double check that Maemo stuff are actually installed on your machine you can use the file manager (eg: Nautilus, Dolphin) to check what files you have in /home/yourUser/yourQtSDK/Maemo/4.6.2/ directory.

    Another way to check your Qt SDK installation is browsing the Installation logfile. It's placed in your QtSDK directory; In my case it's /home/gnuton/QtSDK/InstallationLog.txt
    There you can look for errors regarding the installation of the Maemo target.

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    Re: QtCreator with maemo5 project

    Thanks, but I discovered it was a bug in the latest Qt SDK (1.1.3) :


    As such, I moved back to using the previous version.

    Thanks though.

    ref: http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=76990

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