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    Question Symbian wait dialog


    I am facing a problem in writing Symbian code in qt.
    i have created a wait dialog using Symbian coding, the dialog appears well, but i want to disable the soft keys of the phone when this dialog appears and enable them when the dialog disappears.

    i have used the below code in order to create the wait dialog.

    Note that I have surfed the web and i didn't find a way to disable the soft keys on the phone ( options and back ). So any help concerning this issue.

    Thanks in advance.
    CAknWaitDialog * m_waitDialog;
    m_waitDialog = new CAknWaitDialog(REINTERPRET_CAST(CEikDialog**, &m_waitDialog));
    if (m_waitDialog)

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    Re: Symbian wait dialog

    you can create an empty softkeys and replace the existing softkeys with them when executing the dialog

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    Re: Symbian wait dialog

    You could try to use native CEikButtonGroupContainer:imCommand() when dialog launches. If I remember correctly, dimmed commands are not active.
    There are other "interesting" options available in the CEikButtonGroupContainer as well (e.g. MakeCommandVisible()), but I don't know how well, these

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