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    Qt.openUrlExternally() gives parse error

    This is the first time I fiddling with opening a web browser from QML to do a facebook share.
    I get a parse error when the following executes... I feel this is quite a minor thing and will be glad if someone helps...
    Qt.openUrlExternally("http://www.facebook.com/sharer.php?u=" +xmlModel.get(selected).video.toString() +"
                                                     &t=SAMPLE" )
    This gives me the following error - SyntaxError: Parse error

    I have verified that xmlModel.get(selected).video.toString() is not null

    Also, I would like to know how to remove escape sequences from a String... Thanks.
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    Re: Qt.openUrlExternally() gives parse error

    Hi all,
    Solved the problem with Parse error.
    Can someone tell me how to unescape characters ?
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