I am currently trying to display a full viewfinder.
I have managed to show it by QGraphicsVideoItem and video capture mode approach.
However this is not what I really want. I would need each viewfinder frame. It means my viewfinder is using QAbstractVideoSurface class.
With this class, changing the video resolusion does not help to change the viewfinder.
I would like to know if this is really impossible in the current version(QtMobility 1.1.3) or I am doing something wrong.

The following is my code:
 m_camera = new QCamera();
    connect(m_camera, SIGNAL(error(QCamera::Error)), this, SLOT(error(QCamera::Error)));    

    // Own video output drawing that shows camera view finder pictures
    QMediaService* ms = m_camera->service();
    QVideoRendererControl* vrc = ms->requestControl<QVideoRendererControl*>();
    m_videoSurface = new VideoSurface(m_viewFinderWidget, this);
    connect(m_videoSurface, SIGNAL(frameReady(const QImage&)), this, SLOT(frameReady(const QImage&)));

    mediaRecorder = new QMediaRecorder(m_camera);
    QVideoEncoderSettings videoSettings = mediaRecorder->videoSettings();
    videoSettings.setResolution(QSize(368, 640));

    // Start camera
    if (m_camera->state() == QCamera::ActiveState) {