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    Message is not showing in sent Items folder on device-Wireless Messaging API

    Hi All,
    I have developed an j2me application in which i am sending sms to no of contacts.Its successfully sendinng sms but those are not updating on the "Sent Items" folder in the device.Please clarify me.

    Please note the part of code i have used to send the sms
    private MessageConnection connection=null;
    public void sendFunction()
                // Open the connection
                    connection = (MessageConnection)Connector.open("sms://:50000");
                   TextMessage message = prepareSMS(receiverNumber);
            }catch (InterruptedIOException ex)
                System.out.println("Exc in send SMS Inter");
               // this.listenerObj.showMessage("","Exc in send SMS Inter");
                // TODO: Exception (e.g. timeout) handling
            }catch (IOException ex)
                System.out.println("Exc in send SMS IOExce");
                //this.listenerObj.showMessage("","Exc in send SMS IOExce");
                // TODO: Exception (e.g. network failure) handling
            }catch (IllegalArgumentException ex)
                System.out.println("Exc in send SMS iLLega");
                //this.listenerObj.showMessage("","Exc in send SMS iLLega");
                // TODO: Exception (e.g. too big or otherwise invalid
                // message) handling
            }catch (SecurityException ex)
                System.out.println("Exc in send SMS Security");
                //this.listenerObj.showMessage("","Exc in send SMS Security");
                // TODO: Exception (e.g. insufficient permissions)
                // handling
            }catch(Exception ex)
            catch (Exception ex)
                //this.showMessage("Exception occured inhandleSend Command");
                 // TODO: Exception handling
         * Sets the destination address and payload text for the text SMS.
        private TextMessage prepareSMS(String receiverNumber)
            // Prepare the text message
            TextMessage message = (TextMessage)connection.newMessage(MessageConnection.TEXT_MESSAGE);
             // Set the destination address
            String number = "sms://"+receiverNumber;
             // Obtain the specified text and set it as the payload
            String smsStr="Test SMS"
            return message;

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    Re: Message is not showing in sent Items folder on device-Wireless Messaging API

    AFAI remember that this is the expected behavior and hence happening. Please note that the SMS was sent using the Java ME library and not the the native message service of the device, and hence the SMS sent using the J2ME application should be in updated to the sent message service of the device.
    Thanks with Regards,

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