I'm having trouble launching an app using the short url method. The thing is when the first page is loaded, it doesn't load the css styles, and cannot read the preferences (described in config.xml), and javascript behaviour is unpredictable. The only way to get things work is to reload the page. So far, this was, acceptable... but, when with times we end with a big problem here.
Because of this, we haven't been able to validate our app with
Nokia QA, that is required to publish the app in Ovi Store.
So i am looking foward to solve this. But i found that this is happening in every app around i found around the web (including the app like "New Webs app proyect" that comes which the IDE for development (Nokia Web Developer Environment 1.2.0).
So i guess this is a problem of the platform.. but again i don't know.
¿Is there another expriencing this type of problem?. ¿Any work around?

I hope someone can help me.
Grettins and thanks for advance.

P.D: We are working with "X3-00" and "3710 FOLD" devices.