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    Question Nokia 2600 classic - voice record API Support


    I am new to J2ME development. I have to develope an application for Nokia 2600c. As a device doesn't has support for Audio and Video recording through J2ME I am unable to do that. If there is any workaround please do let me know. Once this is done. I need to upload recorded audio and video to a web server. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Nokia 2600 classic - voice record API Support

    please ask Java related questions in the Java section of this forum.

    anyway, I suppose that device is Series 40, thus the only option for it would be J"ME, and if you already determined that it can not get things done, then I would assume there is no ways on doing it.

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    Re: Nokia 2600 classic - voice record API Support

    (Moved to the Java boards)

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    Re: Nokia 2600 classic - voice record API Support

    Nokia 2600 classic is a Series 40 5th Edition Lite phone, which has limited MMAPI support. If I remember correctly recording is not possible (that supports also your findings)


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    Re: Nokia 2600 classic - voice record API Support

    Hello sreeNarayana,

    and welcome to Nokia Developer Discussion Boards!

    I have very little to add to Hartti's comment but to only verify that unfortunately audio or video recording is not supported by that device. The MMAPI support for the device can be checked from this device specification (from the 'APIs' pane) on Nokia Developer's site: http://www.developer.nokia.com/Devic.../2600_classic/

    The JSR 135 Mobile Media API is wild-marked together with the comment by the Notes that it supports MIDI playback only.

    Regarding the API support on other devices, you can find the main search engine for device specifications from here: http://www.developer.nokia.com/Devic...s/?filter1=all

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