Hi Symbian Team,

I have been working on project that need following capabilites :-
NetworkServices ReadUserData WriteUserData WriteDeviceData

Therefore i need to upload my unsigned SIS file (for test purposes) for signing and today i got the message

You uploaded a SIS file to be signed with a Development Certificate. This failed because of Signed for testing signing method has been disabled for your business account.

Please correct the problem and try again.
The Symbian Signed Team

Till yesterday it was working fine for the very same sis file (have not changed or installed or unintalled anything on my machine apart from application code) and i was able to sign and download the very same project without any issue.

I am usiing Qt Creator 2.0.95 and the target handset is Nokia E52.

Could you please give me some information as to why this happened.

Kind Regards
Javed Alam