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    Question <document> will be dropped

    When previewing application in Web Simulator, in Web Inspector

    /htdocs/js-lib/mwl-1.0.js:795 - <document onclick="void(0)" onblur="void(0)" onchange="void(0)"></document> will be dropped.
     - <html></html> will be dropped.
    I tried to delete various stuffs already, still not working. I don't know what I've done wrong. It was working before. I tried previewing the application in Google Chrome and it seem to be working perfectly.

    Please help.

    Thank you!

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    Re: <document> will be dropped


    Please use the simulator cloud preview or a real device for testing.
    The Nokia Browser proxy does content adaptation to make sure the app is suitable to be rendered on the S40 devices. While you do develop the app with technologies that can be run on e.g. Chrome, the real target environment is very different, mainly due to the low resource nature of the affordable S40 devices.


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    Re: <document> will be dropped

    Yeah learned that the hard way.

    Got it working, i used a "char" for a variable.

    And I suggest to use only the Web Development Environment for modifying codes. Sometimes the packaging won't really repackage all the modified files modified in other editors.

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    Re: <document> will be dropped

    i got probem while running in cloud preview in WDE tool wat may be the reason .... thats in Places API

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    Re: <document> will be dropped

    Quote Originally Posted by shivupoojar View Post
    i got probem while running in cloud preview in WDE tool wat may be the reason .... thats in Places API
    Hi and welcome to forum!

    Could you elaborate what problem you encountered? Thanks!


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