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    Nokia WRT Extension for Dreamweaver obsoleted by Nokia Web Tools?

    Since www.developer.nokia.com has almost no information about it, I guess WRT extension for
    Dreamweaver is superseded by Nokia Web Tools. Could you tell me up to which Symbian/WRT version is the DW extension compatible?

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    Re: Nokia WRT Extension for Dreamweaver obsoleted by Nokia Web Tools?

    Hi and welcome to forum!

    Sorry for delayed response. You are right, Nokia Web Tools is the recommended tool to create Symbian WRT widgets and Series 40 Web Apps nowadays.

    Basically WRT APIs haven't changed that much. If my memory serves me right, Dreamweaver extension was in the Nokia Web SDK and thus it should be compatible with Symbian Web Runtime 1.1.
    However nothing really prevents you coding your WRT widget with Dreamweaver as the packaging it self has stayed untouched. You would just have to use a real device for testing as old simulator does not support all the newest tricks.


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