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    New QML element on Symbian^3

    Hi to everybody. I develop an app that use the new QML comonent from "import com.nokia.symbian 1.0"(such as: ToolBar, StatusBar).

    When i deploy for my N8 with QT 4.7.4 and QtMobility 1.2 installed, everythings works good, setting the build environment to "QT 4.7.3 for symbian^3".

    But if i try to run mu app on another Symbian device(also using the Smart installer), it doesn't starts, showing only a black screen.

    Also the Ovi Publish QA reports me the same problem.
    Why i can't run the new belle's component on a symbian^3 device? Please help me, thank you...

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    Re: New QML element on Symbian^3

    The black screen suggest that Qt Quick Components do not exist on the test device, which means that your application did not tell the Smart Installer that it has a dependency on Qt Quick Components. Check the *_template.pkg file to verify that this is the case. You can also use the QtInfo application to verify the absence of the components.

    Was your application created from a Qt Quick Components based template or have you added the new UI to an existing Qt/QML project? If the later, have you added "CONFIG += qt-components" to your *.pro file?
    -- Lucian

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