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    Beep not working on 3650

    when my 3650 VM runs this simple piece of code:

    sound.init(freq, duration);

    where sound is a com.nokia.mid.sound.Sound object, freq and duration values are 2637 and 150, there is no beep on the phone, while the same code that runs in 7650 works really fine.

    Is there any known problem with the 3650 device?

    Thank you,


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    I'm having the exact same problem. The 3650 just doesn't seem to play this sort of sound. Same code works flawlessly in 6310i.


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    I'm also having problems with the Nokia 3650 playing Smart messaging ringingtone format. Right in the Nokia docs it says all phones must support that as a MINIMUM. So what is going on here? The Series 60 emulator is throwing an error on this too. I know the code works because I ported my sound class over from the Series 40.

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