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    Trying out Qt Quick

    Create New Qt Quick Application project.
    Had a hard time understanding that I should edit the MainPage.qml and not the main.qml. I'm a total noob.
    Added a symbian text editor to my main page.
    Took me a while to realize I have to install qt components SIS file to get it working on the device.
    Eventually got it working.
    Input some random text enough to trigger the scroll. Can do nice kinetic scroll. Try to grab the scroll bar: KERN-EXEC 3. Took me like 10s to get my HelloQuick application crashing.
    Looks like Quick is really going to be working for Belle right? It does look really good though.

    Can I get a Quick Widget in the C++ code to dynamically customize it? Say can I get a QTextEditor from my Quick page?

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    Re: Trying out Qt Quick

    Embedding C++ objects into QML components is possible. the other way would be to create a plugin.


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