I have been trying to upload and publish to the Ovi Store a signed application with UIDs from symbiansigned. I have done this twice previously, but in my latest attempt it failed QA.

This has been the feedback from Publish Support:

I understand that you previous signed your content through SymbianSigned (based
on the report in your previous message) using the UIDs issued by them. If you
wish to update your content or continue to use the UID issued by SymbianSigned,
you are welcome to do so. However when you submit or update your content, you
will need to submit through the SymbianSigned website ( which you probably did
the first time).

Since your last QA failed report was because of a UID mismatch, that it telling
me that you submitted your update/content through Nokia Publish? which makes
sense since the UIDs used are Symbian Signed UIDs and Nokia Publish does not
recognize them.

So your options are to keep the UIDs from SymbianSigned and renew your content
through them. Or you can sign your content through Nokia Publish however, you
will need to update your content with the UIDs that I issued you in my previous
response and resubmit your content to us. If you choose to use Nokia Signing
services, you are correct that you will not need to deal with SymbianSigned.

This does not make sense to me. Surely once it has been signed by Symbiansigned I should be able to publish directly in OVI without requiring new UIDs from Nokia Publish?