I just submitted my first app and it got approved for most of the devices, but failed for a few others with some issues. One of the issues was that they JAR file was too big for a few devices. This is easy enough to solve, but I'm not sure how to add a separate file for those devices. I see the area to add a file, but if i go to the distribution link to select only the devices that need the smaller JAR, it is showing me the devices that I selected for the first file, along with a status of passed. If I submit a new file, do I change the selections to only the smaller devices, or will that remove support for the first file for devices that can handle it?
Next, in the comments section there are issues, and there are notes. What is the difference? I had assumed that since I tested it on an s60 3rd edition, it was safe to assume it worked on all future versions. One of the notes said that I must test it on each edition. I can use the RDA to do that, but the confusing thing is that in the QA details it shows the app having passed for several of the families it said that I needed to specify fully tested for. So is a 'note' just a keep it in mind for next time kinda thing, or do I need to resubmit after testing on those devices?
And lastly, the on screen keyboard wasn't disabled for some of the touch devices. They say that the fix is to edit the JAD file. Can I do that with the existing JAR that has already been approved without any negative side effects to non touch devices? Will editing the JAD file for that version of the app remove it from sale until it is approved again?
This process is really confusing to me coming from an iPhone, Android, WebOS background but hopefully I'll get all of it figured out and things will go much smoother should i decide to create a second app for Ovi.