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Thread: Qjon parsing

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    Qjson parsing

    Hi everyone i am trying to use the json parsing in Qt and i am using the following link..


    but i am continuously getting the same error as "json as not been declared" but i dnt find any corresponding headers for this in my application. is there any plugins should i use for using qjson parsing ???? how to overcome this prob??? i searched in forum but i dnt find any solutions for solving this. can anyone explain in detail wat i am going wrong and how to solve this issue???? i am using Qt creator for the development. is there any thing to set for building qjson ?? thanks for any replies.
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    Re: Qjson parsing

    Rte now i have downloaded the source of qjson from the below link
    but im not able to build it and take the lib files. there is no .pro files located in the project to port in to the ide and build it for the lib files.. so anyone explain me how can i get the qjson lib files ? thanks for any replies...

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