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Thread: File append

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    Post File append

    hi.i want to create a log file for my project and write all the exceptions in to that file..mycode is working in emulator but not in mobile..what is the reason????
    i dont know how to append to an existing file..so every time when i need to append exception to logfile i just read that logfile and content is stored into a stringbufer and then append the last exception to string buffer..then i rewriting the file..is it a correct method or not????
    2nd way i created logfile and everytime when an excepion occurs i append into the stringbuffer and when my application exit all the exceptions in the string buffer is written to the logfile..

    suggest me the correct way....
    pls help me to complete my project..am confused

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    Re: File append


    Have you used the information on this page?


    Also make sure to check the protected methods
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    Re: File append

    Hi and welcome to the Nokia Developer Boards !!!

    You need not to worry about the issues you are facing, as the experts and developer are always around you to help.

    Anyways, before you would like to create the log file and write the entire log in this I would recommend you following points:

    1. First try to find out the real cause and prabably the location of the issue.
    2. You can share the details about the issue/error/exception here
    3. Also let us know the developer plateform details about you are working with

    Check and revert,
    Thanks with Regards,

    R a j - The K e r n e l

    Join Delhi-NCR Nokia Developer's Community,

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    Re: File append

    thanks for ur reply bosss....

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    Re: File append

    here is the code,which will help you,it is perfectly working at my side....

    fc is the fileconnection object and os is the outputstream object

    os = fc.openOutputStream(fc.fileSize());

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