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    How do I (Qt Quick)

    Hello everybody,

    I need to know :

    What are the compilers used with Qt ?

    How do I add a console in an application ?

    How to compile a Qt project in a specific directory ?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: How do I (Qt Quick)

    - Qt apsp can be built by most popular c++ compilers eg: MS compiler, gcc, minigw and so on. The GNU compiler is the most used.
    - Do you mean a console terminal widget for Linux/Maemo/MeeGo? in this case you could find interesting this widget: http://qconsole.sourceforge.net/.
    - Supposing that you use Qt SDK, you can change the building directory clicking "Projects" (button on the left sidebar) then "build" button/tab of the target you are interested (eg Harmattan) and in the "general" section you can find the "build directory" field.

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