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    Packaging a sound effect in the application resources for use with QMediaPlayer


    I'm writing an application for N9 that needs to play a sound saved as a .wav file, using QMediaPlayer. I thought I'd add the sound file to the application resources for easy packaging, but when I do that, the application crashes when the sound is attempted to be played (no sound is heard). If the file is saved in a directory and referenced to as a local file, everything works.

    That is, if I use


    I get the segfault, whereas using


    I don't. I couldn't find anything useful with the debugger.

    Has anybody experienced similar problems? Should the resource-based approach work at all?

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    Re: Packaging a sound effect in the application resources for use with QMediaPlayer

    Correct, QMediaPlayer cannot play any file stored in the Qt resource system.
    It doesn't work because QMedaiPlayer internally makes use of GStreamer Multimedia Framework [1], which cannot handle/fetch data from QRC files.

    [1] http://gstreamer.freedesktop.org/

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