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    add an icon to MeeGo app

    I have already a symbian application (QT)
    I want to migrate this application on N900 .
    How shall I add the icon in .pro file like we do in symbian
    symbian {
    ICON = icon.svg
    VERSION = 1.0.0
    LIBS += -lcone \
    -leikcore \
    i have also a pb of layout , the app seems ok for 5800 but eagly for N900.
    if you have any recommandation
    thanks in advance for your help and time
    best regards

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    Re: add an icon to MeeGo app

    icon64.path = $$DATADIR/icons/hicolor/64x64/apps
    icon64.files += icons/64x64/appname.png

    INSTALLS += icon64

    I think the icon can be 128x128 actually, not sure if it works if you change dir name to 128x128 though haven't tested.
    You should use the debian_harmattan stuff Qtcreator will make for you as well with

    OTHER_FILES += qtc_packaging/debian_harmattan/*

    desktop.path = $$DATADIR/applications
    desktop.files += qtc_packaging/debian_harmattan/$${TARGET}.desktop

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    Re: add an icon to MeeGo app

    thanks magicdave,
    in fact I'm familiar with QTCreator on windows any GUI to do it??
    what do you mean by $$DATADIR
    I test my app using QTcreator installed on windows

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    Re: add an icon to MeeGo app

    DATADIR is a convention, it is set to
    DATADIR = /usr/share for meego

    I think if you run qtcreator and open a pro without a user settings file, then choose harmattan targets, it will ask you if you want to create packaging files. There is probably an easier way too.

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