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Thread: device unlock

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    Question device unlock

    Dear All;
    i need help on how to unlcok meego device ...
    i have tried :
    1.setState using qmsystem2 library ==>> didn't work
    2.MeeGo::QmDisplayState using setblanking() ==>> didn't work
    so; now i couldn't unlock device at anytime ???????

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    Re: device unlock

    You can use Mobility Screensaver class to "unlock" the device;
    QSystemScreenSaver s;

    The previous method sends a dbus message to MCE, so you need to set the right credentials
    to your app to make it working.
    Here is how your Manifest file should look like:

    <request policy="add">
    <credential name="mce:eviceModeControl" />
    <credential name="mce::TKLockControl" />

    <for path="/opt/screensaver/bin/YOUR_APPLICATION_NAME" />
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