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    Symbian FileBrowser

    An enhanced file browser has been released for Symbian phones, enabling developers to obtain more detailed information about the content of a phone’s file system and applications. In addition to enhanced features for file listing, sorting, and navigation, FileBrowser enables you to:

    • generate lists of files, applications, and messages.
    • compress files.
    • view file checksums.
    • enable extended error messages.
    • associate data types with applications.
    • and many others.

    FileBrowser is provided in a single SIS file for S60 3rd Edition; S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 1; S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 2; S60 5th Edition; and Symbian^3 (including Symbian Anna and Symbian Belle) phones.

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    Re: Symbian FileBrowser

    The quality of the file browser is really bad. The toolbar at the end overlaps the file list and makes selecting the last item impossible. Did anyone even check what was being released?

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    Re: Symbian FileBrowser

    Also there is no "BACK" button functionality.
    so we can't navigate to previous view.
    i.e when we are in E drive and if we want to move back to First view of disk structure(C:,D:,E:)
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