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    Cool I have a well working Qy application working on 5th edition mobile

    I have a well working Qt application working on 5th edition mobile. This application is related to live streaming based content.

    Iam unable to play either rtsp live stream with or without extension like .sdp, .rm etc.

    Please guide How can I and what streams acn be played on 5th edition mobiles

    in Qt applications.
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    Re: I have a well working Qy application working on 5th edition mobile

    Each 5th edition device Qt may support various set of streaming options depends on certain conditions. I recommend to file a ticket for each and every device you are running into a trouble for your application : http://www.developer.nokia.com/Resources/Support/

    In general the video streaming formats are: .3gp, mp4, .rm are expected to work on most devices, however that may not happen:



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