I noticed tonight in building a new Web App that if you use a standard html form drop down box it doesn't work past two items.

So in the emulator it works fine. Put it on the X3-02 device any any items past selectedIndex1 act like they are selectedIndex 0.
example code:
html side code:
<select id="freeNumCat" onchange="goFreeNum();">
<option>item 1</option>
<option>item 2</option>
<option>item 3</option>
<option>item 4</option>

javascript code:
var currentCat = 0;
function goFreeNum(){
currentCat = document.getElementById("freeNumCat").selectedIndex;
document.getElementById("freeContent").innerHTML = freeNumCompany[currentCat]+"val"+document.getElementById("freeNumCat").value;