I have a worker thread, that needs to post some content to server on a 3G data channel only. I am trying to do like this.

QNetworkAccessManager nam;
QNetworkRequest request(url);
QNetworkConfiguration cfg = nam.activeConfiguration();
QNetworkConfiguration cfg1 = nam.configuration();

Doing either cfg.BearertypeName() or cfg1.BearertypeName() returns bearer type unknown. i have seen a bug here https://bugreports.qt.nokia.com//browse/QTBUG-18795, but am not sure if my case is the same, as the bug description is little different.

Can someone tell me if they were able to sucessfully fetch bearertype in a worker thread on symbian ~3, and if anybody did see any issues.

Please note my thread is tested well, and working if its allowed to operate only on 3G and Wi-FI is turned off or not configured. Its a business requirement that i should connect via 3g only.